The Story of the Galaxy S22 Series’ Design

Samsung Electronics designed a design identity for the Galaxy series with the concept that creativity stems from a mix of profound thinking, comprehensive research, time, and effort. Following this procedure allows for the addition of additional values that raise the bar for premium devices. This is how Samsung has consistently managed to improve the design of Galaxy devices while keeping important values.

The Essence of Uniqueness

Samsung has always strived to create a simple and flat form that harmonizes technology and design without exposing the boundary between them for the Galaxy S series. In the reduced design of the Galaxy S series, moderation and solidity mix with smooth, attractive lines that mimic the curvature of sand dunes.

Geometry that stands out

The design strategy of the Galaxy S series focuses capturing only the most essential components in order to generate a distinct identity. In the case of the Galaxy S22 series, this entails giving the smartphones a flat design and symmetrical front and back. Side details have been reduced to ensure that the devices appear sleek and smooth from any angle.

Furthermore, the camera configuration on the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra has been reconfigured to establish a design identity that the Galaxy S series will keep in the future. The camera on the Galaxy S22 and S22+, in instance, has been positioned such that it is equidistant from the devices’ horizontal and vertical edges, producing a more polished look.

A Flawless Combination

The metal camera housings and body of the Galaxy S22 and S22+ have comparable colors, creating a sense of uniformity. The side frame’s sleek, flat line separates it from the camera housing, giving it a clean appearance. The camera system, its waterproof structure, and the angle of the camera housing have all been revised, optimized, and simplified.

An Illusion of Sight

The Galaxy S22 Ultra combines great performance with an elegant design. The Galaxy S series’ reach has been enlarged here by incorporating the Galaxy Note series’ basic yet durable design identity, which is ideal for the S Pen.

As a camera’s performance improves, it becomes larger and protrudes further from the design. To avoid the camera on the Galaxy S22 series from protruding, Samsung reduced the size of the camera by improving its design. The camera’s mirrored metal frame gives it a fresh new look thanks to a unique finishing technique that gives the idea that the camera is hovering above the device’s body. These qualities enable the camera to work in tandem with the body. As a result, the device has an exquisite design that does not protrude too far and contains a mirrored metal frame that reflects the device’s color depending on the perspective.

A Versatile S Pen That Is a Pleasure to Use

The built-in S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra provides a more creative and happy mobile experience by allowing users to write and draw on the device’s large screen. With 70% less latency, the new S Pen provides customers with a more authentic experience that feels like putting pen to paper.

Furthermore, users may open apps more quickly using Compact Mode in the Air Command menu, and the Samsung Notes experience has been improved. Users can simply save a link or a web page using Samsung Notes in a pop-up or split screen while keeping the page they were browsing open.

Extend Your Horizons

Users may do more with the Galaxy S22 series thanks to a single UI. When frequently used widgets are aggregated, for example, using the Smart Widget function, widgets that users will find useful depending on the time and location are automatically displayed. There’s a widget that alerts customers to forthcoming events, as well as one that alerts them when their Galaxy Buds’ batteries are running low. By eliminating the need to open many widgets at the same time, the home screen may be used more efficiently.

The camera has also been improved so that users may take high-quality images and films of distant scenes in low-light conditions. The gallery now includes functions for improving the sharpness of selfies and removing moiré patterns that emerge when capturing TV screens or monitors, delivering an unique photo-remastering experience. The picture editor’s automated AI eraser finds and removes shadows and light reflectors more efficiently than if users manually selected and erased things.

Furthermore, the newly introduced Samsung Wallet1 function integrates digital payments, ID, and asset management into a single simple and secure location. This simplifies consumers’ daily lives by adding levels of protection to protect their personal information.

More Personalization

While the designs of the smartphones have been streamlined and perfected, the pleasure of selecting a smartphone cover is bigger than ever. The tiny display of the S-View Flip Cover has the same UX as the Galaxy Watch, providing consistent and unified usability. Meanwhile, the Frame Cover comes with two backplate options — one clear and one mirrored — so users can simply customize their device to their liking.