Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra LED View Cover

30 USD

  • Better visibility when your notifications pop up
  • Comfortable one-handed control
  • Antimicrobial property coating that blocks microbial growth
  • Perfect interior pocket for your banking or transit cards
  • All-around defense to protect your phone

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a multifunctional cover that stores cards in the interior pocket and shows you LED notifications on the outside?

On the front cover LED lights will notify you of incoming calls, messages, current time, battery level and more. Take a call and get notifications with the colorful LED display on the LED Wallet Cover. Whenever you get a notification it glows just to let you know.

It is a comfortable one-handed control for you. You do not need to touch the screen to control your phone, just touch the cover.

What’s also super amazing is that you can keep important things on hand. Keep your cards accessible by slipping them into the card pocket inside the cover.

The antimicrobial cover protection protects your phone from microbial growth. A shell-type design offers enhanced protection for your phone, while the new fabric-like material makes the grip especially comfortable in your hand.

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