Samsung Galaxy Fit2

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  • Galaxy Fit2 easily pairs with your Galaxy smartphone
  • Focus on your health with the ultimate Galaxy Fit2
  • Thin and sleek design to keep you moving daily
  • Water-resistant up to 50m with 5ATM certification
  • Battery lasts up to 15 days with typical usage
  • Stress-free life using the Samsung Health app
  • Better night’s rest by recording your sleep patterns

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One of your main concerns now is to focus on your health. This is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 does. It helps you keep your style and rhythm. The beautiful 3D glass gives it a sleek design. The wide 1.1 inch full color AMOLED display allows you to check all the info that you want in just one glance.

The Galaxy Fit2 is more comfortable and slimmer than the Galaxy Fit with its 11.1mm thickness. The strap has a unique groove that allows you to wear it all day without having sweat gathered. This new fitness tracker is just ready to take your style and comfort to a new level. You can also browse over 70 different downloadable watch faces and choose the one that matches you.

Galaxy Fit2 is water-resistant up to 50m with 5ATM certification. You can just push yourself while working out without worrying.

Battery life is what you are always looking for. Well, the Galaxy Fit2’s battery lasts up to 15 days with typical usage. You can now enjoy your daily workouts and activities and stop worrying about the battery life of your tracker.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 automatically measures five several exercises and tracks your heart rate, time, calories burned and so much more.

Personal hygiene is what you care for the most now. This tracker reminds you to wash your hands by setting up reminders at regular intervals.

A good night’s sleep means having more energy for the day. The Galaxy Fit2 measures several sleep factors and provides you with tips to improve it. The Samsung Health app gives you valuable insights into your sleep with an overall score. You can now have a good sleep and more energy during the day.

Samsung Health app can also track your stress level and allows you to practice breathing exercises when you are stressed. You want to stay mentally and physically healthy and you can do so by managing your stress.

Galaxy Fit2 pairs with your Galaxy smartphone and enables you to check notifications and gives you fast responses from your wrist.

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