PopSockets Phone Grip PopMinis


  • Tiny phone grips trio
  • Safe grip
  • Acts as a convenient stand
  • Sticks to most covers
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PopSockets Phone Grips are known from improving the way you use and hold your phone. Well, what about a trio of mini ones? These PopSockets PopMinis phone grips are super cute and they come in unique and cool designs so you can show off your iPhone or Samsung device.

They give you a safe grip and they work as a convenient stand so you can easily text your family and friends, capture photos and watch videos that way you want. These mini phone grips are repositionable and can stick to any cover you have (not on some waterproof and silicone cases). These grips are not PoMount compatible.

Get 3 and not 1 cool and trendy phone grips with this perfect mini trio!

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