Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition

209 USD

  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Battery lasts up to 6 hours
  • Health tracking for females
  • Swimproof
  • Velvet silicone band for a comfortable wear
  • More than 15 exercise modes
  • Automatic sync with iPhone and Android devices
  • Elegant crafted design
  • Several clock face designs
  • On-screen workouts
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Technology and design were combined together to produce this amazing Fitbit versa 2 special edition. From its elegant curves, high aluminum finish, polished glass and lightweight velvety silicone band, this versa 2 is just super comfortable for you to wear it all day and all night.

This Fitbit smartwatch tracks your  all day activities, your heart rate and your sleep 24/7. Health is what you care about, and to make sure everything is well, it tracks every step you take and calories burned to make sure you are achieving your daily goals. You can improve your workout through these measures. Sleep enhances your healthy lifestyle. It monitors the time you are sleeping and waking up to allow you to check your sleeping patterns.

Workout will be more fun with the on-screen feature that guides you in every move and exercise. How cool is this? The screen also shows all the calls, messages, Google and Facebook apps notifications so you are always up to date. Replies and voices are allowed if you use Android. Clock face designs allow you to change the look of your smartwatch depending on your mood. You can even put your photo.

Water resistant up to 50 meters so you can wear it while swimming in the pool and when you are at the beach. More than 15 exercise modes are supported by this smartwatch allowing you to record all these exercises.

Female health tracking is essential now. This smartwatch gives allows women to track their menstruation and ovulation cycles. It also allows you to track your fitness level to understand it more and improve it.

Automatically synced with more than 200 Android and Apple devices so you can check your stats and always improve them.

Reminders and alerts are set to keep you moving whenever you need and to remind you of your bed time or any other important appointment. This is just the ideal and perfect special edition smartwatch for you.


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