Choetech Magnetic Phone Car Holder for iPhone 12 Series

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  • Magnetic car mount for iPhone 12 series
  • 360 degrees versatile view
  • Super flexible
  • Highly safe and secure for your phone
  • Very convenient for you
  • Easy installation and set up

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Choetech has designed this magnetic car mount for all Apple iPhone 12 mobiles so you can easily charge them. Magnetic plate is not needed for you to charge your smartphone. The only thing you need is a magnetic MagSafe case. If your case isn’t magnetic, then you can simply just take the case off and place your phone on the car mount to charge it. 

This Choetech phone car holder is highly flexible with a 360 degrees versatile view so you can position your phone at the best angle for you. No matter how much the car rotates, your phone will be stable and fixed in its place.

You won’t care about keeping your mobile safe and secure because this car mount is so reliable. It has a twist lock design feature where you just insert the holder into the air vent and you lock it and then your phone will just stay in its place. It securely grips your phone and its magnetic hold supports it especially when you’re driving on bumpy roads.

Magnetic feature allows you to easily place your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini on the car holder without any extra requirements.

This phone car mount allows you to easily and securely place and charge any of your iPhone 12 phones. It makes it convenient for you to just grab it whenever you are on the run and you need to charge your phone while you’re driving.