Apple Watch Series 6

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  • Blood oxygen sensor
  • ECG app to monitor your heart’s electrical signal
  • Workout tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Brighter display so you can easily check notifications
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Here it is! The new version of Apple Watch is finally here! Apple Watch Series 6 is now on your wrist to get a more active, more connected and a healthier life.

Health is what is important. The new Apple Watch with its innovative technology has a new sensor and app that allows you to measure your blood oxygen. The level of blood oxygen is an indicator of your health and wellness. It shows how much your body is absorbing oxygen. The blood oxygen sensor is made up of red, green and infrared LEDs that give light in the blood vessels. Photodiodes measure the light amount that is reflected back. Enhanced algorithms calculate your blood color which shows the amount of oxygen in your blood. Apple has moved to a complete new level with this technology.

ECG app is another technology that cares about your health. Electrodes that are built in the Digital Crown and the back crystal work with this app to read the electrical signals of your heart. You can touch the Digital Crown and get your heart’s electrical signals in 30 seconds. This app shows whether your heart is beating normally or irregularly. It helps you in giving accurate data to your doctor and it gives you peace of mind. You will stop worrying about going to the hospital or pharmacy to measure your heart beats and oxygen saturation when you have Apple Watch Series 6 on your wrist.

Sleep is a very important part of your health. The Sleep app allows you in tracking your sleep and managing your bedtime routine regularly. You are able to achieve your sleep goals with this innovation.

Fitness and working out is part of your lifestyle now. You can choose whatever workout this smartwatch offers like running indoors or outdoors, walking, swimming, yoga, cycling and so much more and track your full exercise. You can do your best!

Apple music allows you to listen to whatever music you want on this watch. Activity rings help you in checking if you are achieving your daily and weekly move, calories and stand up goals. It helps you in staying on track!

Always-On Retina display is now brighter when you are outside and your wrist is down. You are able to check all the notifications that you want without even raising your wrist to look at the watch.

You watch has new faces that are super cool and pretty. You can also customize your watch face according to your mood and style.

This new Apple smartwatch helps you to stay connected to people and things wherever you go. You can stay connected if you have cellular without having your phone with you. How amazing is this? There is no hassle of worrying about keeping your smartphone with you all the time.

Call, WhatsApp, texts and other apps notifications, Apple pay, Siri, Maps and so much more. You are able to check everything from your wrist.

This Apple Watch S6 is the best smartwatch for you where you are able to monitor your health and fitness and stay connected wherever you go.


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