MacBook Air M2, A Significant Advance

MacBook Air M2, A Significant Advance

Don’t take it lightly.

Supercharged by 

The M2 chip kicks off the next generation of Apple silicon, with even more speed and power efficiency than the M1. With a more powerful 8core CPU, you can get more done faster. With a 10-core GPU, you can create captivating images and animations. With the highperformance media engine, you can work with more streams of 4K and 8K ProRes video. And with up to 18 hours of battery life, you can work — or play — all day and into the night.

The new MacBook Air M2 (2022) looks so beautiful that you’ll wonder why you ever paid for a MacBook Pro. In comparison to the previous MacBook Air M1, you get a more powerful M2 chip, a larger and brighter 13.6-inch display, and an upgraded 1080p webcam in an extraordinarily portable design that is 20% smaller.

The design and colors of the MacBook Air M2

The first thing that struck me about the new MacBook Air 2022 is how small and light it is. The weight has only been reduced slightly (from 2.8 pounds to 2.7 pounds), but the overall design is 20% smaller in volume than the MacBook Air M1. It’s also thinner, measuring 0.4 inches versus 0.6 inches for the previous model.

The MacBook Air 2022 comes in four colors: Midnight (blue), Starlight (pale gold), Space Gray, and Silver. I like the Midnight option because it changes from dark blue to a brighter blue depending on how the light hits it. The Midnight MacBook Air has personality without being overbearing.

Ports on the MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Air 2022’s ports are kept to a minimum, with only two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports on the left side. On the left, there’s also a charging MagSafe connector. For those who still use wired headphones, the right side has a headphone jack.

Display and speakers for the MacBook Air M2 .

The new MacBook Air has the most Pro-level display yet, thanks to a 500-nit increase in brightness. This is a vibrant and colorful display, and it’s now slightly larger at 13.6 inches (up from 13.3 inches) as a result of Apple’s shrinking of the borders.

This is one of the best displays for the money this side of an OLED panel, with support for 1 billion colors, wide color support (P3), and True Tone built in. While I could do without the notch at the top, it’s not overly distracting.

The new Air is the best-sounding laptop in the line, thanks to a four-speaker sound system located between the display and the keyboard. I was blown away by the volume and clarity. However, in comparison to the Pro, the bass is noticeably lacking.

Webcam on the MacBook Air M2 .

The 1080p webcam, which captures a more shapely image than the previous 720p camera, is one of the most welcome upgrades of the MacBook Air 2022. Furthermore, Apple claims that this sensor will provide twice the low-light performance.

Battery life on the MacBook Air M2

Despite its smaller size, the MacBook Air promises epic endurance. The new MacBook Air 2022 is rated by Apple for 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of wireless web surfing. However, neither of those figures differ from what Apple promises with the M1 MacBook Air. To evaluate these claims, we’ll put the new Air through our battery test.

macOS Ventura On MacBook Air M2

macOS Ventura, which will be released this fall, includes numerous changes. The highlight here is Stage Manager, a new way of multitasking that puts the app you’re working on in the foreground while also making switching between other open apps simple. We’re also impressed by a new Continuity Camera feature in macOS Ventura, which allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam on video calls.

Other features include the ability to undo sends in the Mail app, edit or undo sent messages in Messages, new Safari sharing and collaboration tools, and Passkeys to replace your passwords. Furthermore, Metal 3 support promises to deliver better Mac games.